DS106 – visual, writing, code

Visual Assignment – The Life of a Superhero


The superhero of my choice is..well, me. Me and all my pole sisters. Women who pole dance might well be regarded as real superheroes among us because of the incredible things they learn to do practicing this beautiful sport. It hurts, bruises, and needs a lot a lot a lot of training and consistently. The move I’m demonstrating here is the Superman (#pdsuperman on instagram), I felt it was very fitting for the purpose of the assignment.

I may be a superhero, but I’m not always climbing poles or jumping over stuff doing backflips (some real annoying common misconceptions right here). Here’s me doing a super mundane activity:


Writing Assignment – The End Is For Everything


Baby polar bear Icy with his mother

Hello. I’m icy! I’m out with my mom exploring today. We swim together to the big ice rocks. My grandparents tell me stories about how there used to be such big ice rocks before I was born, and they always warn me about the our evil hunters. Their names are..shhh..humans! They told me scary stories about how these devils want to take my white fluffy fur to wear it or put it on their floors. Some mega evil ones just want to kill us for fun.. I pretend to be brave, but I’m so scared. I heard some grown up bears saying that we shouldn’t swim so much anymore because the water is not as clean now. It’s because of the evil humans dumping stuff that kills us in our water! I’m so sad because I love swimming and eating fish. The big ice rocks are now too small because the evil humans produce harmful chemicals that melt our big ice rocks. I’ve been practicing to swim to impress my mom! But now where will I swim to? Now we can’t get our fishies and I’m always hungry. I’m scared my mom will eat me like my friend’s parents ate him. Also the humans spill something brown and icky that pollutes our fur and kills us! We are becoming so few, our kind is now called “endangered” so we are in danger. I’m very scared. I hate the evil humans.

image credits: https://www.thelocal.de/20190315/baby-polar-bear-makes-berlin-debut

Code Assignment – Make a Simple Program

Make a simple program

I took the “simple” pretty literally and wrote the simplest piece of c++ code you’ll ever read in your code dreading, late-night debugging life. It’s the area of a square lol

I haven’t coded since Spring2018, doing this made me remember some syntax and how xcode actually looks. A tiny but fun assignment.

Final Reflection Video Links:

Part 1 of my video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYOVYZ12u0I

Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnCgYjqJylM

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